Teamwork helps to exceed goals set to help AMANC

As part of the activities that were scheduled by Aspen Mexico to celebrate Mandela Day, this year we decided to support the Mexican Association of Aid to Children with Cancer I.A.P (AMANC), who help children and youths from low income families.

Aspen Mexico’s 250 employees set a goal to raise $MXN 50,000 for AMANC through sales of various items, raffles, dance classes and hosting concerts among other activities. The team however, never anticipated the success that they could achieve through their efforts and they more than doubled their goal by collecting a staggering $MXN 121,559.00. In support of the employee’s efforts, Aspen Mexico contributed one peso for each one that was raised which resulted in a final donation of $MXN 243,118.00 (nearly US$125 000) - significantly exceeding the initial goal.

To share in the Mandela Day celebrations, Aspen volunteers spent time with AMANC patients and their families on 16 July and hosted a day of fun and laughter for the children and adults with a performance by a magician and a meal for those present. The South African Ambassador to Mexico and members of his team joined Aspen Mexico on the day and also shared gifts with the children. The highlight of the festivities was handing over the funds raised to AMANC which made an exceptional impact. This was certainly a day that will not be forgotten very quickly by the Aspen volunteers or the beneficiaries.