Singing to save the children

The Aspen Mexico team has been hard at work in support of Save The Children Mexico that has initiated a vaccination campaign aimed at encouraging citizens to embrace the importance of healthcare. Some vulnerable populations in Mexico don’t consider healthcare as being important and citizens in some regions don’t appreciate that their health is the most valuable gift one can have.

The Aspen team is intent on changing that mindset and encouraging citizens to embrace life and take care of their health. As part of their personal commitment to Mandela Day, four employees from Aspen Labs in Mexico have hosted classical concerts to raise funds to support the vaccination of infants in the country.

A few musical discoveries have been made among employees in this process. These include the skills of David García, Aspen Regional Leader of Audits, Compliance and Quality Assurance who has composed original classic, romance and traditional Mexican songs. He has been accompanied by the singing trio of Sabrina Torres, Regulatory Compliance Coordinator, Saúl Gómez, Documentation Chemistand Noé García, a contracted gardener at the Aspen Vallejo Site. View their performance of the romantic song La Llorona (Only with You) here.

 (left  to  right):  Sabrina  Torres,  Saúl  Gómez,  Noé  García  and  David  García
(left to right): Sabrina Torres, Saúl Gómez, Noé García and David García

Making social differences across Mexico

“Sadly, children continue to die from flu, diarrhea and other diseases that are all preventable by using affordable vaccinations," said Mariana Valdés, Director of Strategic Alliances at Save The Children.

This dire situation prompted the sale of food, candies and other articles as well as hosting raffles and music concerts by some 400 employees in Mexico who raised US$ 9857 to support the vaccination campaign lead by Save The Children1. This initiative was developed to help 25 000 children from poor and vulnerable communities and to encourage their parents to recognize the importance of proper healthcare.

In addition to supporting affordable vaccinations, a team of 51 volunteers that included members of the South African Embassy in Mexico, worked together to improve the facilities at3 community education centers. The Titzkatli, Los Pingos and Bosque Magico centers accommodate more than 120 children for whom education is still considered a luxury.

For the second consecutive year, Aspen also hosted a Nelson Mandela exhibition to create awareness about his altruistic work. In 2017 the exhibition was held at the National Institute of Perinatology (INPer) and this year it took place at the Memory and Tolerance Museum (supported by the United Nations and the South African Embassy in Mexico).