Nothing stops us!

Difficult times have being experienced globally due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This, however, did not stop volunteers from Aspen Mexico, who once again showed that our spirit of collaboration continues to make a marked difference in the communities that we serve.


This year we selected the Mexican Association for Aid to Children with Cancer I.A.P. (AMANC) as our Mandela Day beneficiary. AMANC provides care and support to youth across the country who are afflicted with cancer. Their powerful vision is to be the leading institution at a national level that contributes to the survival, development and quality of life of girls, boys and adolescents with cancer. "Because we love life, we believe that cancer is a process of learning and growth, in which we transform pain into love." 


Volunteers and our families participated in Mandela Day activities by giving one of life's most valuable gifts to this non-profit organisation - our time!  We created a video as well as letters and messages of love to support these patients to show our empathy and how much we care about them and their families. These gifts of hope were handed over to the children and the impact was overwhelmingly emotional but, most importantly, it left the children smiling.


Despite financial strain being experienced across the country, we showed great will and generosity by raising MXN$ 80 890 to contribute towards medicines that are not included in the standard chemotherapy treatment regime. We also assisted by purchasing ocular prostheses for patients diagnosed with Retinoblastoma cancer.

Aspen in turn presented a donation of MXN$ 250 000 to AMANC's very appreciative directors on 23 July. We demonstrated that by joining efforts, great things can be achieved to benefit those who need it most and we believe that our contributions will help in a small way to transform pain into love at AMANC.