Russia – Central Region

Saving lives – when every effort counts!

From 15 to 25 July 15, 2019, Aspen Russia’s Central Region team embraced Project Saving Lives for Mandela Day.

Every employee in the region participated in the Saving Lives initiative by donating blood for patients in need of transfusions or blood supplies for medical reasons. Blood banks were visited in Kaluga, Voronezh, Kursk and Moscow.

The Russian blood service collects, processes, stores and ensures the safety of donated blood and its components. The country needs about 40 donors per 1000 inhabitants but currently only receives blood from some 14 donors per 1000 inhabitants.

Central Region’s volunteers also took part in the implementation of projects in the Moscow region’s Rosinka Centre refurbishment project, while others visited the Khatunsky house for the elderly and disabled where they contributed through various maintenance and enhancement initiatives.

Elena Zhelonkina and her family help stray dogs living on an abandoned construction site. Such is their conviction to these animals that Elena has established the “Homeless dogs of the Accord” social media presence to help homeless, hungry and feral animals.

The response to her initiative has been extremely positive resulting in funds being raised and volunteers joining the efforts to care for these animals who once were afraid and aggressive, but have subsequently become tame and friendly. All that remains is for them to be adopted into loving families.

This team is grateful for the opportunity to improve the lives of less fortunate citizens, acknowledging that life is priceless. Their common goals have united hearts and strengthened them to strive to achieve even more in the corporate and social environments.