South Africa

Clayville-based Aspen Nutritionals chose the Bulamahlo Home and Day Care Centre in Tembisa, Gauteng as their beneficiary for their 2012 Mandela Day activities.

Bulamahlo is in a state of serious disrepair, yet is a place of refuge to orphaned and abandoned children. The employees of Aspen Nutritionals engaged in a number of activities to support the home on Mandela Day. A bathroom is being installed for the children and each child also received their own toiletry bag containing products such as soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, facecloths, shampoo and a nail brushes, so that they can at least have the privilege of taking care of their personal hygiene.

In addition, the classroom received desperately needed attention. This area was painted, electrical repairs were carried out, the ceiling was attended to and the necessary equipment and stationery items were supplied to ensure that it serves as a fully functional and safe educational environment.

The classroom is to be named in memory of Pheaha Rabson Papola, a former Aspen Nutritionals employee. Aspen Nutritionals is grateful for the additional supplier support that they have received from Dianne's Catering.

Tamsyn Beenhakker arranged for a jungle gym to be supplied by REDi Recruitment and this was generously donated to the home by Rob Mailich.

About Bulamahlo Home and Day Care Centre
This home presently cares for some 33 children aged 2 to 7 years, 18 of which are orphaned or abandoned by their parents. Only 3 of the children receive grants from the Department of Social Welfare, the remainder are dependent upon donations and the care that they receive from the community.

The Centre also offers schooling, but the classroom is an unsafe area due to the nature of its neglect. Despite being a dilapidated place of safety and shelter, the children are grateful for the blessings that the home brings to them. Unemployed Rachel Sekhobela manages the school with a staff compliment of 4 unpaid assistants who volunteer to care for the children.