Celebrating Mandela Day with enthusiasm

Mi Buen Jesús is a very basic institution that cares for about 120 refugee children. Located in Villa María del Triunfo, approximately 1.5 hours’ drive from Lima, Mi Buen Jesús simply does not have adequate facilities for the children, but serves them as best they can with what they have.

The Aspen Peru team once again partnered with this very worthy beneficiary, and, armed with a spirit of immense enthusiasm and energy, the volunteers set to work on 19 July to improve one of the classrooms. The roof was in a terrible condition and the humidity levels that the very young learners were experiencing on a daily basis was impacting their health.

Employees were split into groups with each taking responsibility for removing the dilapidated roof, cleaning the area and painting the ceilings respectively. It took a great deal of teamwork to install the new roof, but, after 4 hours of labour, a tremendous sense of satisfaction and pride overwhelmed the keen volunteers when they finished their task for the day. They were thanked profusely for a job well done, but more importantly for the caring contribution that each member made to the school and for the children.