Robert Domański and Agnieszka Ujazdowska

The Sister's Association Jadwiga in Pielgrzymowice is home to about 20 abandoned, homeless children who are physically handicapped. The home offers them shelter, education, occupational therapy and a safe social environment with the necessary care that they need to flourish despite their circumstances.

Five volunteers spent time at the Home and took the children on pony tours before providing entertainment and refreshments to them.


Jarosław Jaworski, Paulina Carska and Agnieszka Ujazdowska

This team chose to dedicate their time to about 30 physically or intellectually handicapped babies and children from Zakład Opiekuńczo-Leczniczy (ZOL) in Kraszewo-Czubaki. Most of these patients were abandoned by their parents at birth.

ZOL provides comprehensive medical care to sick children with impaired mobility when they are ineligible forhospital treatment but require continued medication and dietary treatment. As the only facility of its kind(specifically for babies) in Poland, they also provide rehabilitation and nursing to the children who are seriously ill or have deformities. As many as 10 of these children are in a coma. In addition, KOL also provides dialysis treatment for children.

The gesture of providing an afternoon tea with sweets, vitamins and stationery was a wonderful treat for the children as were the crafting supplies that are used as part of their therapy. The most valued contribution though, was the care, love and attention that the 7 volunteers lovingly gave to these patients – kindness that cannot be measured financially.


Jarosław Jaworski and Agnieszka Ujazdowska

Eight volunteers joined approximately 50 children, aged 4 to 15 years, at the Arka Youth Centre in Radom for a time of fun, games and spoils.

Arka inspires, supports, and activates the local community and assists in numerous initiatives including cultural and educational activities aimed at encouraging social interaction while also promoting moral and ethical standards that shape attitudes and support the development of the children


Maria Pela, Agnieszka Ujazdowska

Approximately 30 marginalised children and youth from the Herby estate in Kielce benefitted from sporting equipment that was provided tp them by the team of eight Aspen volunteers in this Region. In addition, they enjoyed the day engaging in sporting activities and games and enjoying refreshments which helped them to appreciate that there are people in the world who simply wanted to show them some kindness on Mandela Day.


Anna Kutnicka, Agnieszka Ujazdowska

The St. Krzysztof Oncological Hospice in Warsaw cares for nearly 40 terminally ill cancer patients who spend their final days at this facility.

In a bid to create a pleasant and comfortable environment, 10 Aspen volunteers chose to enhance the environment and make it as pleasant and comfortable as possible for these patients.

Some areas of the facility were renovated and repainted in addition to furniture and lighting that was supplied and positioned in areas of the garden where patients could rest quietly. While little else could be done to relieve the pain of these patients, they could at least benefit marginally from the peaceful surroundings.