Aspen’s team of 50 employees in chose five areas in which they could contribute for Mandela Day.

These included the nursing home at the Sisters of St Jadwiga nursing home in Pielgrzymowice as well as a social welfare home for mentally handicapped children in Tarnow.

In addition, the team worked with the Blessed Stanislaus Papczyński Hospice in Licheń Stary as well as the Raciąż Hospital which provides long term care for ill patients.

A range of joint activities were conducted with these beneficiaries such as therapy workshops, renovating gardens and hospital wards, painting walls and varnishing wooden funiture such as swings and gazebos and also tending to the gardens by restoring and sewing new lawns, clearing sidewalks, and compacting areas where necessary.

The youth also benefitted from Aspen’s commitment through workshops which were hosted to demonstrate opportunities for personal and professsional development.

To ensure their inclusion, the sales force engaged in random acts of kindness with less fortunate strangers.