Aspen's Russian-based team supported two centres which focus on the needs of children - one in Moscow and another in St Petersburg.

The Nadezhda Children Reabilitation Center in Domodedovo in Moscow was established in 1996 and it cares for children with physical and mental disabilities. This centre meets the needs of 29 children, of which  40% are aged from 2 to 10, and the remainder being 10 to 16 years old.

The 13 girls and 16 boys were treated to various activities and were overjoyed to received sport equipment, table games and toys to assist them in developmental activities. Their treats of sweets were also received with great smiles. The Aspen team in Moscow set to work at the centre by painting the surrounding fence as well as two garages.

The team based in St Petersburg embarked on renovating the play rooms of the Second Children's Hospital in the city, which cares for approximately 60 babies who are  also afflicted with physical and mental disabilities. They too were delighted to received much needed educational toys as well as surprise sweety hampers.