Russia – Moscow

Uplifting orphans at Pushkinsky

The Moscow-based Pushkinsky Centre for Families and Children takes care of more than 20 orphaned or abandoned boys and girls from two to 18 years of age.

A team of 24 enthusiastic volunteers from Aspen Russia’s office in Moscow visited Pushkinsky at the end of June and had an exceptional day painting the gazebo and presenting entertaining activities such as a soap making class with the children. They also purchased and assembled tents and took much pride in building a pond at the Centre to enhance the aesthetics of the facility.

Some of the children face socially dangerous situations and Pushkinsky provides safety to them while facilitating adoption, selecting loving foster home placement and managing families who have limited state-sanctioned parental rights. The Center carries out its activities in stationary and semi-stationary forms such as social services at home, providing pedagogical, psychological, legal and other assistance.