North West Region

Giving back with Colours of Life

The North-West-based Aspen team in St. Petersburg adopted the “Colours of Life” as their theme for Mandela Day and supported the Specialized Orphanage №3 (psycho-neurological) in the Frunzensky District as their primary beneficiary.

Specialized Orphanage №3 is a psycho-neurological institution that accommodates 110 patients and provides comprehensive medical care, psychological and pedagogical rehabilitation using modern technologies.

The team from Aspen Russia was once again eagerly awaited by the children and staff alike. These volunteers painted outdoor equipment and benches on the playgrounds in bright, cheerful colors, decorated the walls of the verandas and removed overgrown shrubbery in the garden.

These small actions inspired the 73 permanent residents at this facility and provided them with some encouragement to enjoy the beauty of nature and to play outdoors which positively stimulates their medical and rehabilitative process.

The care givers at the facility undergo challenges of their own while facilitating the daily needs of the children. They expressed their sincere gratitude to Aspen’s committed volunteers and also posted their appreciation on their website.

Showing kindness through ARK

Acts of Random Kindness (ARK) were carried out by numerous members of Aspen Russia’s North West team.

In Arkhangelsk Igor Nikitin spent his 67 minutes picking up litter along the Northern Dvina River to ensure that children can enjoy the environment without the dangers that broken bottles and other garbage poses to them.

Irina Galaktionova hosted a pottery workshop for children at the Regional Children’s Hospital in Vologda. This activity was very inspirational to the little patients as they enjoyed creating a hand-crafted item that was made with love and which they were able to gift to a loved one.

As in previous years, Elena Fedorova dedicated her time to stray animals at the Murmansk Voluntary Charitable Society. This year the shelter had a particular request for medicine and Elena responded accordingly. Much to the delight of Oksana Lvovna, head of the shelter, Elena also provided food and disposable supplies for the sick and weak animals.

Eric Shabdanbekov arranged a drawing competition for the patients at the Allergy and Pulmonology Center of the Children's Republican Hospital in Petrozavodsk. Children aged from four to six years of age who are undergoing treatment and examinations at the Center, eagerly participated in the competition which was adjudicated by pulminologist Alina Viktorovna Grinenko.

The veterinary office in Syktyvkar shelters homeless animals. Aspen’s Nikolay Yurpalov arranged for a team of volunteers and veterinary support staff, including Dr Nesterova O.V., to provide free medical and diagnostic treatment for pets at the shelter.