Russia – North West

Splashes of colour and a refurbished playground for disabled toddlers

The Specialized Children's Home No. 3 in the Frunzensky District in St Petersburg was established in besieged Leningrad in 1943 to care for children orphaned by the war.

The Home has since become a therapeutic and preventive institution for 75 children from birth to 4 years of age who have neuropsychological disabilities. Comprehensive medical, psychological, and pedagogical rehabilitative treatment is provided using modern technology. The facilities include gardens and outdoor areas where the children enjoy playing to their heart’s content.

These amenities were however in need of refurbishing, so Aspen Russia’s team from the North-West region spent time enhancing the playground for the children. Bright coats of paint were applied to the benches, playground modules, bird houses and the birdfeeders. Some of the outdoor equipment also needed repairs which the team of 10 volunteers happily attended to.

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Russia North-West
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The children are delighted to be able to relax and play in an area that is now filled with colour. They’re also able to watch and feed the birds once again – welcome visitors who have a positive effect on their communication and empathic skills.

The Home extended its sincere appreciation to the Aspen volunteers who selflessly showed care and kindness to the young ones. Thank you to Alexey Zhdanov, Elena Shapovalova, Nataliya Shapiro, Olga Semenova, Tatyana Dombrovskaya, Erik Shabdanbekov, Tatiana Karpova, Alla Shwets and Inna Naidenova for being proud Aspen ambassadors.