Russia – South Region

Visiting a fairy tale

Bring fairy tales to life was the dream of three employees from Krasnodar in Aspen Russia’s South Region.

These volunteers chose to support The Land of Mercy, a center for the development of charity programs. The center specialises in helping about 100 orphans and children with mental disabilities and 14 autistic children from the ages of 7 to 10 were selected to enjoy Mandela Day with Aspen’s enthusiastic team.

This event didn’t simply entail wishing on a star! Instead, this team rented the Visiting Fairy Tales Museum, dressed up in character and provided treats of fruits and sweets for the children.

Their aim of reducing social isolation in a playful way by integrating fairy tale characters was certainly achieved through the children’s active involvement and overcoming communication difficulties vocally and through tactile means.

The story book closed at the end of a busy day with a very happy ending for children and for the Aspen team too!