Russia | South Region

Rostov-on-Don's Orphanage No 1 was established in 1994 and hosts 40 children aged between 4-14.

Six Aspen volunteers from Russia’s southern region arranged a trip for the children to Kidburg, a fun-filled facility that’s based on a gaming format.

Kidburg assists visitors with options in terms of vocational guidance and it provides knowledge and details about various professions - all in a highly friendly environment.

The format of the games offered at Kidburg makes the acquisition of new information fun and exciting for the children. While playing the game, a child is able to trace the link between the acquisition of knowledge, their application and the end results. This stimulating environment enables children to be more aware of possible future professions and equally importantly, what they are best suited for in terms of their strengths and abilities.

At the end of a fun morning, the children enjoyed a delicious lunch, shared their experiences about Kidburg and the professions that most interested them before each one gratefully received gifts of sports equipment and clothing.