Russia – Ural Region

Happiness is giving joy to others

In celebration of Mandela Day, Aspen Russia’s team in the Ural Region adopted the motto: Happiness is giving joy to others, and this they achieved in abundance by providing assistance to the Department of Mercy and showing care to Kirovgrad’s elderly citizens.

The main problem among elderly people in a nursing home is loneliness! It is so sad to witness how they cease to exist to the outside world and their lives become completely devoid of attention.

According to staff, there should be three nurses in a nursing home per 50 bedridden patients, yet at the Department of Mercy there is only one nurse who physically does not have the capacity to provide personal attention to these patients.

Aspen’s volunteers chose to show them some cheer, kindness and attention on Mandela Day. They also provided generous donations of medication, dressings, 4 nebulizers and blood pressure monitors and other medical equipment that could contribute toward the improved care of the patients. Local business partners complemented Aspen’s initiatives by replacing the blankets and pillows and proving warm socks and mittens for each of the residents.

The greatest and most prized gifts freely lavished on the day was the care, kindness and consideration shown to these forgotten patients who once again felt appreciated and valued as members of society, albeit by strangers, albeit only for a day.