Russia – Volga Region

Six Aspen volunteers makes a big difference

Aspen Russia’s small team of six volunteers in the Volga region proudly participated in the Group’s Mandela Day programme by supporting three worthy organisations. These included the Saratov Nursing Home, Derbyshkinsky Orphanage and Mercy Animal Shelter in Nizhny Novgorod.

Fresh paint for the Saratov Nursing Home

Our team went to great lengths to spruce up the Saratov Nursing Home which is a haven to the elderly and disabled in south-western Russia. They painted the summer houses, doors and outbuildings which was greatly appreciated by the staff and senior citizens.

This home provides refuge to aged citizens who are relatively independent and mobile but who may need assistance and treatment for various illnesses, trauma or disabilities.

Safety first with a 200m fence at Derbyshkinsky

State-managed Derbyshkinsky Orphanage offers permanent residence, treatment and care to children and young adults aged four to 23 years who have been diagnosed with mental disorders.

Derbyshkinsky focuses on multidimensional rehabilitation. It addresses health and wellness, and provides treatment, social and psychological assistance in resolving challenging circumstances. Development of communication and socials skills for the 142 residents is also encouraged to better manage independent social adaptation. All residents at the orphanage receive an education that is age-appropriate and is tailored to their physical or mental condition.  

Facilities at the institution include an adaptive physical education hall, massage rooms, a sensory room which Aspen established in 2018, speech therapy and music rooms, a sewing studio and computer class, among others.

This institution is enclosed by a 200m fence which provides both a safe and private environment for the residents. Social adaptation of mentally retarded children is affected by multiple factors. These include their environment – both visual and physical, family access and relationships, their health and behavior, and others.

Our team of six volunteers from Kazan and Samara chose to paint the 200 meter fence surrounding the Orphanage to create a more visually appealing and aesthetically stimulating environment for the residents.

Helping out at Mercy Nizhny Novgorod’s animal shelter

An employee located in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia’s sixth largest city, volunteered at the local homeless animal shelter to assist with various needs that had been identified.

These tasks included cleaning the shelter, providing care to the animals, creating awareness of the facility with educational institutions in the city, participating at events, and assisting with administrative and social network actions.