Aspen Russia’s eight regional teams embraced Mandela Day for the first time. These employees hosted 18 activities stretching from St Petersburg in the North Western Region to Vladivostok City in the Far Eastern Region.

The projects mobilized by the Aspen volunteers ranged from caring for the elderly; working with HIV positive babies; tending to children at rehabilitation centers, orphanages and hospitals; enhancing facilities at some of the selected institutions; and supporting local blood banks; to tending abandoned animals at shelters.

Their heartfelt efforts had a direct impact on scores of beneficiaries. The organisations selected for their 2015 Mandela Day campaign included:

  • Pushkin Social Rehabilitation Center for Minors;
  • Children's Regional clinical hospital № 3 in Vladivostok;
  • Kashin Orphanage in Tver city;
  • Phoenix social and rehabilitation centre for children in Smolensk;
  • Dora shelter for homeless animals in Voronezh;
  • Vologda City Children’s hospital;
  • St Eugene Hospital in St Petersburg;
  • Animal shelters in Syktyvkar, Arkhangelsk and Petrozavodsk;
  • Blood donations in Sumara, Kirov and Kazan city;
  • Supporting elderly market vendors in Kazan;
  • Flora and Lavra pet care centre in Ulyanovsk;
  • Kidburg orphanage №1 in Rostov-on-Don
  • Orphanage №66 in Tyumen
  • Children’s Heart (Kuzbass) Charity Fund; and
  • The Kemerovo Cardiology Clinic.

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