Demonstrating care across Siberia

Aspen’s team in Siberia participated in Mandela Day activities in three areas of Siberia, namely Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk and Omsk.

The Interdistrict hospital №2 is a hospice based in Krasnoyarsk and it accommodates 500 patients, veterans and children. Four Aspen volunteers conducted landscaping activities at this facility and brightened up the gardens by planting a range of flowers to bring joy to those who are undergoing treatment at the hospice.

In Novosibirsk, approximately 130 bedridden patients at the House of Mercy Hospice received a visit from four Aspen employees who spent time keeping these patients company and sharing gifts of fruit and hygiene products with them.

Approximately 700 patients visit the Polyclinic Hospital No. 17’s Palliative Department in Omsk each day. Palliative care is an approach aimed at improving the quality of life of a patient and family members who are facing a life-threatening disease. Many of these patients have lost hope in life and to cheer them up, two Aspen employees arranged an outdoor creative competition for the patients undergoing socio-physchological rehabilitation.

The focus for the day was to enable the patients to express themselves through art, to enjoy the beauty of nature, to appreciate the blessing of another day and to feel appreciated and loved by the 20 volunteers who had joined the team from Aspen.

Donations of art supplies were provided for the competition, and social chatter and laughter filled the air as everyone enjoyed celebrating Mandela Day by being creative and soaking up the sun while forgetting about their physical challenges for a few hours.