Waves of blue and green help with rehabilitation

Aspen’s Slovakian team of six members helped mentally ill patients who are accommodated in a safe environment at the Psychiatric Clinic of University Hospital in the city of Martin.

This 100-year old University Hospital is currently undergoing reconstruction. The room used for physiotherapy and ergotherapy needed attention in order to provide a stimulating environment that can aid and expedite recovery, rehabilitation and reintegration of the patients back into society.

The Slovakian team contributed to the project by preparing the walls and decorating them with approximately 20 meters of protective wave devices which were glued on individually. The blue wave resembles the sky, while the second wave is as green as a grass. The colour, flow and simulated movement of the waves will also assist the patients through colour therapy.

The team’s aim was to create a supportive and aesthetically pleasing treatment environment for the patients. The gratitude and positive feedback from Management at the Psychiatric Clinic as well as the Head Nurse was that this has indeed been achieved, which has encouraged the members from Aspen Slovakia to again enthusiastically participate in a similar project in 2020.