A small team of six employees from Aspen Slovakia set to work at the Slovak Medical University for Mandela Day 2020.

Aspen's Denisa, Milan, Janka, Silvia, Marcela and Radoslava met management from the Bratislavian-based University to understand their immediate requirements. Discussions indicated that the University needed assistance with a study room and work environment for the medical students.

The Slovak Medical University was established in 2002. It is dedicated to all three levels of higher education and provides tertiary education for healthcare professionals such as doctors, physicians, nurses and others.

Aspen's team enhanced the study room with a new carpet and Janka, Silvia, Denisa and Melan assembled chairs and an armchair as well as a desk for the room. Milan took on a handman role for the day and hung pictures and installed shelving while Marcela and Radka set up a library. Anatomical illustrations completed the decor and created a cozy yet practical environment for the students.

Aspen Slovakia's Mandela Day team
Aspen Slovakia's Mandela Day team
Prof Peter Šimko, MD, PhD, Rector - Slovak Medical University
Prof Peter Šimko, MD, PhD, Rector - Slovak Medical University

Rector of the University, Prof MU Dr Peter Šimko CSc, expressed his appreciation to the Aspen team and personally led them on an tour of the campus.


This team has participated in Mandela Day activities for a number of years and they expressed their ongoing commitment to serve their community where they can through this initiative.