Slovenia Mandela day 2019

Sharing the promise of possibilities for a better future
Financial circumstances in Slovenia rob many children of the opportunity to ever go on a vacation, experience nature or simply go camping with their class mates. They are trapped in a difficult and sad everyday life, where there is no place for relaxation and laughter, for pleasurable socialising and learning about different aspects of life. For so many of the youth there is no incentive to strive for a better future as they're not exposed to anything different so they don't have the ability to envision one.

Aspen Slovenia's employees are only too aware of these challenges and elected to do something about the situation in an effort to help children become more effective members of society by collaborating with the Association of Friends of Youth Ljubljana Moste- Polje in celebration of Mandela Day.

This Association is voluntary, philanthropic, non-government organisation. Its primary objective is to raise the quality of life of children, young people and families, to represent their interests, to promote their needs and to protect their rights. It has successfully managed professional, quality, successful programmes for many decades and the association is intended to promote the values of voluntary work and quality human relationships.

On 3 July 2019, Aspen volunteers visited the Zambratija Home that cares for 120 children from various nationalities and religious backgrounds who are orphaned, victims of abuse, suffer various illnesses or are disabled, whose parents are divorced or who have been placed in foster care for their own safety.

An interactive workshop was hosted for the children who thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity of being choreographed in a hip hop dance style. They were also taught about the safe use and disposal of medicines and they learnt how to make body lotion from basic ingredients.

Spending Mandela Day with these children encouraged them to view the world from a new perspective, to believe in a better life filled with possibilities and to enjoy a few carefree childhood hours – even if it was only for one day of the year.