A busy, rewarding day for TFCF’s children

Fannie Liu

The Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (TFCF), which cares for abused or disadvantaged children aged from nine to 12, received support from Aspen Taiwan for the fourth consecutive year.

There were 19 employees who worked together with TFCF's 36 children in Taoyuan City to teach them how to make noodles and a pillow, enjoy a farming experience, feed small animals and learn about nature and bee ecology.

In a bid to encourage a spirit of patience and focus, the children were taught to grow rapeseed and each took a plant home which would need careful and patient care for a crop to thrive. Making noodles by hand was an interesting activity and the children practiced perfecting the dough before cutting it into different sizes of noodles which were also taken home for a meal. Retaining the focus on patience, they also each made a small pillow that was stuffed with fluffy cotton before adding lavender to encouraging a peaceful nap. Their day ended with gifts of bags and small flasks to be used at school. The Aspen team felt that this was a very rewarding experience andthey were touched by the children’s need simply for some love and a little kindness and care.