Close to Nature with Children

The Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (TFCF), which cares for children aged from nine to twelve, was the beneficiary for Aspen Taiwan’s Mandela Day activities for the sixth consecutive year.This year, Aspen’s team of 22 was joined by the South African Ambassador to Taiwan, Mr Seraki Matsebe.

Aspen employees worked together with TFCF's 36 children at Yilan Toucheng Farm where they learnt more about the ecosystem. An additional first-time experience for many of the children included a visit to a rice field where they were taught about traditional rural life in Taiwan and growing the country’s staple food.

Leaf Rubbing is a traditional Chinese craft that is a very popular activity among children. This art form, which is inspired by nature, entails coloring or dyeing leaves to form works of art. While on their excursion, the children collected leaves which they subsequently used to make their own unique bags.

The time spent with TFCF gave the team a renewed appreciation for the environment while simultaneously uplifting the children and building memories with them.