Stretching imaginations and simulating creativity

The Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (“TFCF”), which cares for children aged from 9 to 12, received Aspen Taiwan’s support for the seventh consecutive year.

In celebration of Mandela Day 2023, 18 employees from Aspen Taiwan hosted 24 children from TFCF 24 at Simbalion Art Studio, an interactive art studio that explores creativity and nurtures aesthetic feelings. Simbalion aims to inspire children’s five senses to stimulate their imaginations while advocating a play-‘n-create philosophy that lies in the alignment of aesthetic experiences, natural environments, and industrial knowledge.

Guided by professional teachers, Aspen’s employees participated in a creative, hands-on workshop with the young students.

The intention of this session was to encourage the children to boldly stretch their imaginations and, by so doing, to be stimulated and immersed in the joy of creativity.

Simbalion offers a range of indoor sensory spaces that focus on interactive games and special exhibitions. These include the bubble machine, the rainbow marker ink filler, the pure white forest intended for graffiti, the night light tunnel, the passage of lion pencil’s history and more.

The 8 900m2 outdoor green land, with a wide meadow and over a thousand trees, is a recreational area where Aspen employees and the TFCF kids were able to relax. This environment is definitely a child’s dream come true.