Environmental education and treats for TFCF’s children

The Taiwan Fund for Children and Families (TFCF) cares for 39 abused and less fortunate children and has been a long-standing beneficiary of Aspen Taiwan’s Mandela Day commitment.

Since its establishment in 1939, the TFCF has supported nearly 52 000 children and it has 27 branches across Taiwan.

This year the children from the TFCF visited the Nanqiao Tourism and Experience Factory. The facility has nearly 350 plant and flower species and has set up an eco-pool. The children learnt about Taiwan’s native plants and the importance of preserving the environment.

The Experience Factory also taught them about environmentally friendly soap production including historic types of crystal soap, washing and soap printing.

Extra fun was added to the day when the children were given an opportunity to improve their skills in the kitchen as they learnt how to bake bread which they were able to take home to share with their families.

Mandela Day celebrations concluded with the children decorating and then enjoying some ice cream.