Meeting varying needs of Tanzania’s orphans and elderly citizens

On 18 July 2019, a team of 26 Shelys employees were mobilised to participate in Mandela Day. Three organisations had been identified in Dar es salaam, each with varying beneficiaries, yet similar needs.

The Msimbazi Orphanage was established in 1940 and it offers a home to 40 children who have been abandoned or whose mothers have died during or after delivery. Sister Sylvana gratefully received donations of toys and packages of toiletries for the children.

Elderly residents at the Msimbazi Kijiji Cha Wasiojiweza Village were also visited by the Shelys team. This Centre is managed by the Catholic Church of Tanzania and it accommodates aged citizens who have no relatives while some have been abandoned or hospitalised for extended periods and need assistance with their recovery.

The SOS Children’s Village in Tanzania provides orphaned and destitute children with care and educational opportunities. The village consist of approximately 15 houses in which 4 to 10 children are cared for by their SOS mothers in one of the SOS families. Donations of food, clothing and stationery were made to SOS by Shelys’ employees.