Shelys in Tanzania supported Under the Sun, the Chawata Programme and Bethsaida Secondary School as part of their Mandela Day activities, directly touching the lives of over 1500 beneficiaries.

These homes all received donations of medicines, clothes and food. Shelys' efforts with the beneficiaries was to provide hope to the socially challenged children and elderly who have a diverse range of needs.

Under the Sun attempts to increase awareness of some 800 people living with albinism and to create functional networking infrastructures for them. Albinos have an average life span of approximately 40 years and they experience difficulties in conducting activities as they are affected by the sun and are also shunned by their communities.

The Chawata Programme assists people living with disabilities and this home cares for approximately 400 individuals aged from 5 to 50 years.

Bethsaida Secondary School is a shelder of hope for 305 abandoned and orphaned children aged from 13 to 18 years. The children were very grateful for the donations made to the school which also included a wonderful range of toys to keep them stimulated and busy.