Shelys employees elected to support three beneficiaries for Mandela Day. These include the Chakuwama Children's Home, Kigamboni Shelter and Mpambano Women's Group in Dar es Salaam.

Both the Chakuwama Children's Home and the Kigamboni Shelter are in desperate need of clothing, food and medicines for the children and elderly respectively that are taken care of at these facilities. Shelys' staff widely embraced Mandela Day and donated a vast range of items to meet the needs of these worthy beneficiaries.

Visits took place to both beneficiaries at which time food, clothes and linen was handed over. Personal care products, unscheduled medicines and infant nutritional formula were also  donated by Shelys.

The Mpambano Women's Group needs resources and support from organisations that are willing to partner with them in uplifting underprivileged communities. Shelys heard their call and will be partnering with them to attempt to alleviate the plight of less fortunate communities.

About Chakuwama Children's Home

This orphanage in Sinza cares for more than 120 abandoned children who range in age from birth to 10 years. While some of the children have been abandoned by their families due to social unrest, others are infected with HIV/Aids which has resulted on their families turning their backs on them.

About Kigamboni Shelter

The Kigamboni Shelter is a home to some 75 elderly pensioners who either have no families, or who have been abandoned by their families. The shelter is in ongoing need of support, particularly of food clothing and medicine and Shelys will be assisting with these needs on Mandela Day.

About Mpambano Women's Group

These ladies have joined together to establish a women's group aimed at supporting the local community through upliftment projects. Their focus is on underprivileged communities for which resourcing and support is needed.