Helping to transform lives

Three projects were adopted by the Aspen Philippines team for 2016. These included the very touching efforts of the sales team who conducted acts of random kindness (ARK) by caring for strangers on the streets; engaging with the South African Embassy in the Philippines and committing to a 16-week program through International Care Ministries Foundation (ICMF).

ICMF supports extremely impoverished families in the Vismin region. Aspen Philippines joined their Transform project managed by the Manapla Cosmopolitan Christian Church to care for about 40 families who each have at least 4 children. This program helps to improve the wellbeing of malnourished children so that they can reach a healthy weight. Aspen participated in three phases namely, packing nutritious meals for the community; transporting the meals and spending time with the community; and monitoring the progress of the families by receiving weekly statistics as their health and body weight improved.

The Aspen team again supported the South African Embassy’s efforts at the Missionaries of Charity Home in Tayuman that cares for both the elderly and children. Employees contributed by donating grocery items that could be used by the home.

More than 20 ARK were carried out by sales representatives who were again emotionally impacted by initiative.

Rio and Audrey donated diapers to Cribs and said that Mandela Day is a reminder to be thankful for our blessings despite the personal challenges that we face. Lourenz said feeding someone who didn't know where their next meal would come from made him very happy and grateful. Dan, Irwin, Rachelle, Rhona, Nestor, McWin, Jesreal, Aivy, Seth, Hilda, Austine, Ivy, Derick, Merniel, Tata, Freny, Judely, Junalyn, Ramon, Paolo and Kristine all shared similar testimonies which you can read about at