>Making a difference for children and Station Mission guests

“To care seriously about others, both in private and public life, would bring us much closer to the world we so long for,” Nelson Mandela.

The team at German-based Aspen Bad Oldesloe selected two beneficiaries to support through the 2018 Mandela Day activities. The Kindergarten Glindenberg in Bad Segeberg and the Railway Mission in Lübeck were proposed as worthy beneficiaries by Arne Mroß and Stefan Wächtler respectively.

At the beginning of July the first activity commenced with a fence being build at the Kindergarten Glindenberg.

The Kindergarten, which cares for approximately 90 children, has an expansive play area which was previously unenclosed, unsafe and unhygienic due to stray animals roaming into this space.

A 5-man team comprising Sven Hansen, Alexander Kleyer, Arne Mroß, Mario Sievers and Jarle Wolff, who have loyally supported Mandela Day over several years with their craftsmanship, enthusiastically took care of the task at hand and fenced in the play area to the immense gratitude of the Kindergarten management and the children.

Stefan Wächtler, production planner in the liquids team, had noticed the aging guest room at the Station Mission at Lübeck's main station and he proposed that it be renovated for the 150 to 200 people who seek shelter there daily.

During planning discussions, Mara Merckens, head of the Station Mission said, “We would be very happy to receive support, because our lounge was last painted 10 years ago, and it shows clear signs of wear. A new colour could give back the room its luster, which is bitterly necessary for the people who are our guests.”

During an inspection of the facility, it also became apparent that ventilation and air conditioning was required for the room – particularly for the hot summer months.

A new air conditioner was duly ordered and handed over on the same day that the team set to work repairing, painting and restoring the Station Mission which is a base to those who are less fortunate.

Ms. Merckens thanked Aspen and said, "Today is the 100th birthday of Nelson Mandela, a man from whom all people could learn. Thank you for your commitment to the memory of this extraordinary person, to our guests at the Station Mission and to our employees who serve them.”