Costa Rica – Caricam

Contributing to reforestation

On 28 June, 39 employees from Aspen Caricam in Costa Rica visited a forested location near San José to spend a day in nature. Their goal was to plant four hundred trees to support reforestation in the area.

Reforestation is one of many activities that helps maintain biodiversity. It is important for the preservation of local national parks together with restricting hunting as well as creating biological corridors that aid animal migration. Costa Rica is one of the 25 most biodiverse countries on the planet.

The team’s initiative was supported by Green Wolf and Cubra Surac who taught employees about climate change, biological corridors and how to plant a tree.

In addition to their reforestation efforts, tools were also donated to Cubra Surac’s biological corridor to support their environmental initiatives and their goals of preserving the country’s natural vegetation for future generations.