Caring for the community

Aspen Ireland has continued its partnership with the Dublin Christian Mission (DCM), a non-denominational organisation that tries to meet the physical and spiritual needs of communities that have a high rate of drug abuse, poverty, broken homes, abuse, teenage pregnancy and crime. DCM’s desire is to be a good role model and mentor for the youth and families in these communities and to provide advice and assistance outside their living environment.

For the second consecutive year Aspen volunteers assisted at the DCM’s Lighthouse homeless kitchen where meals were prepared and served to the homeless, hungry and destitute.

In a separate event the team participated in the DCM’s Community Day which is a project that focuses on enhancing the environment, uplifting the community and encouraging a network for families to get to know one another and support each other.

Aspen volunteers contributed by cleaning up a football pitch and participating in games, various activities, face painting for the children and hosting a barbeque for the disadvantaged community. This event provided an opportunity for the families to be exposed to the various charities aligned to DCM in the hope that parents will send their children to the after-school clubs and facilities that are available.