Demonstrating care across Siberia Aspen’s team in Siberia participated in Mandela Day activities in three areas of Siberia, namely Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk and Omsk. The Interdistrict hospital №2 is a hospice based in Krasnoyarsk and it accommodates 500 patients, veterans and children. Four Aspen volunteers conducted landscaping activities at this facility and brightened up the gardens Read More

Far East Region

Gifts of time, love and hope for Yakutsk’s orphans The 95-year old GBU RS (I), also known as the City Specialized Children’s Home in Yakutsk, is home to about 75 children from 3 months to 4 years of age. Aspen’s Evstifeeva Svetlana together with her son Denis and niece Karina arranged a special day of Read More

Russia – Volga Region

Families with disabled children tour to holy places Since 2017 Aspen Russia’s employees in the Volga Region have shown kindness and care to surrounding cities. Their primary Mandela Day initiative for 2019 was a tour to places of worship for families with severely disabled children. The preferred venue for many of these families was the Read More

Russia – South Region

Visiting a fairy tale Bring fairy tales to life was the dream of three employees from Krasnodar in Aspen Russia’s South Region. These volunteers chose to support The Land of Mercy, a center for the development of charity programs. The center specialises in helping about 100 orphans and children with mental disabilities and 14 autistic Read More

Russia – Ural Region

Happiness is giving joy to others In celebration of Mandela Day, Aspen Russia’s team in the Ural Region adopted the motto: Happiness is giving joy to others, and this they achieved in abundance by providing assistance to the Department of Mercy and showing care to Kirovgrad’s elderly citizens. The main problem among elderly people in Read More

North West Region

Giving back with Colours of Life The North-West-based Aspen team in St. Petersburg adopted the “Colours of Life” as their theme for Mandela Day and supported the Specialized Orphanage №3 (psycho-neurological) in the Frunzensky District as their primary beneficiary. Specialized Orphanage №3 is a psycho-neurological institution that accommodates 110 patients and provides comprehensive medical care, Read More

Russia – Central Region

Saving lives – when every effort counts! From 15 to 25 July 15, 2019, Aspen Russia’s Central Region team embraced Project Saving Lives for Mandela Day. Every employee in the region participated in the Saving Lives initiative by donating blood for patients in need of transfusions or blood supplies for medical reasons. Blood banks were Read More

Russia – Moscow

Enhancing the Rosinka Center for its children The Rosinka Rehabilitation Center located in Balashikha cares for approximately 60 children and teenagers with disabilities. This center provides social, medical, psychological and pedagogical rehabilitation for children and adolescents with chronic diseases of internal organs and systems; impaired neuropsychic development, as well as borderline social conditions with some Read More


Caring for the community Aspen Ireland has continued its partnership with the Dublin Christian Mission (DCM), a non-denominational organisation that tries to meet the physical and spiritual needs of communities that have a high rate of drug abuse, poverty, broken homes, abuse, teenage pregnancy and crime. DCM’s desire is to be a good role model Read More

South Africa

The influence of collaboration Every year leading up to the Mandela day event the Fine Chemicals Corporation (FCC) community buzzes with the excitement of being part of something great. This year we opted to collaborate with the SAME Foundation, a non-profit organisation that aims to create an environment where quality healthcare and education is available Read More