2018 Mandela Day


We care for those in need

Stephen Saad, Aspen Group Chief Executive
Stephen Saad, Aspen Group Chief Executive

Our pledge to care for vulnerable citizens dates back to the early 2000s when we first signaled our commitment to socio economic development (SED) through a number of initiatives, including the establishment of the Ngcobo Clinic in Transkei, which was officially opened by former President Nelson Mandela in April 2001.

Simultaneously, extensive work was being done by the Group to launch one of the world’s first generic anti-retrovirals (ARVs) after having negotiated the right to produce and distribute these ARVs with various multinationals. We believed that we had a social obligation to care for those afflicted with HIV/AIDS and our medicines continue to improve the lives of millions of patients affected by this disease.

We have remained true to our DNA of caring for others and have demonstrated an absolute resolve to this ethos by extending our efforts much further than the borders of South Africa. As the Group has expanded globally, so too have our activities to make a difference in the lives of less fortunate communities where we have an established business presence.

Our ongoing participation in Mandela Day speaks to employees’ selfless dedication to others and we continue to use this as the primary platform for them to play a meaningful role in selected outreach initiatives. Through the generosity of our employees and their activities we are touching the lives of those who need it most irrespective of their age, nationality, race, religious belief, economic circumstances or lifestyle choices.

Preserving the environment for future generations has also received our attention through projects which have assisted in ensuring that future generations enjoy our shared but fragile natural resources.  We have also undertaken activities aimed at the wellbeing of abandoned and neglected animals and those aiding handicapped or lonely folk.

While we are truly humbled knowing that over the past year we have helped to show kindness to nearly 200 000 beneficiaries in 39 countries through our Mandela Day campaign, the greatest joy is to acknowledge, with immense gratitude, that our employees have made this difference simply because they have a deep-seated desire to care for others and not out of a corporate obligation. This action confirms the essence of what we do and who we are – We Care!

Stephen Saad

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